WebRoster integrates and eases companywide workflows between HR departments, rostering, management and employees.


Different workflows are offered to the user by an easy to use modern and intuitive web interface. Open and documented interfaces allow the integration with different external rostering and HR systems. Managers, supervisors and team leaders have access to functionality allowing them to administer the schedules of their departments or team in an easy way.

From small to large – WebRoster is a proven solution for companies and workgroups, flexible and scalable to be used by several thousand users. WebRoster is based on renown industry standards and integrates easily into existing IT infrastructures.

Important Facts

More than 70,000 users worldwide access and modify their schedules with WebRoster. 4,000,000 shift exchange requests leading to 1,500,000 successfully executed shift changes speak for themselves.
Considering an effort of 15 minutes for employees and planners for a regular shift exchange the use of WebRoster leads to savings of at least 350,000 working hours.

Six flexible base modules


Schedules are published in the intranet or internet in a transparent and very visual way. Additional information from third party products can be displayed together with rostering information. The dashboard shows it all in a well-structured screen including account balances, messages and shift information.

  • reliable and actual information at any time on demand
  • all relevant data available at a glance
  • web access from everywhere
  • no administrative effort

Shift Preference Entry

The incorporation of employee shift preferences, known absences and availabilities at an early stage of the whole rostering process implicitly leads to increased employee satisfaction and more robust and reliable schedules. This simplifies the planner’s daily business and makes the employee owner of the rostering process and its results. Employee preferences can be stored in a profile or as “lifestyle” which reduces repetitive data entry to a minimum or makes it even obsolete. Flexible workflows in WebRoster allow a custom shaped process.

  • improved employee satisfaction and reduction of the administrative effort by early and paperless involvement of the employee into the rostering process
  • better quality of rostering results due to prompt information on availabilities
  • improved planning process structure

Shift Exchange

Rule based autonomous shift exchange between employees relieves the rostering department massively once a roster is published. A non-limited number from easy to complex shift exchange requests can be handled by WebRoster without the need of planner interaction guaranteeing stable or even improved roster quality. WebRoster includes shift exchange functionalities like swap and trades to balance over- and understaffing, multiday requests as well as requests to multiple employees, day off swaps and trades and last but not least day off swaps and trades. All requests are logged, monitored and reviewed by the planner and the employee.

  • massive relief of the planner
  • automated processing resulting in timely and reliable feedback
  • validation of the request based on definable rule settings
  • amelioration of the roster quality and robustness


All workflow events within WebRoster are handled as structured messages and can easily be exchanged with 3rd party systems. The integrated messaging allows managers, planners, supervisors, team leaders and employees to exchange messages within WebRoster in addition to company email or as a substitute if the latter is not accessible by all employees in a company.

  • relevant and time critical information as well as sensible data can be exchanged in a secure envi- ronment and are available on time
  • information at your fingertips, even without company mail
  • proactive information push to employees on shift or roster changes
  • company mail or text message systems could be integrated

Time/Activity Tracking

The integration of rostering and time and activity tracking creates synergy potentials and opens the road to an improved alignment between rostering, time and attendance and activity tracking. Integrated workflows ease the approval process by the superiors in a common approval module including feedback possibilities to the employee. The employee has all the relevant functions accessible via one portal: roster, administration of time and attendance and activity tracking as well as expenses.

  • paperless delegation of registration and correction of time and activity tracking to the employee reduces the administrative effort of the planner
  • could be used linked to time & attendance terminals and access control
  • integrated with rostering or as a standalone time and activity tracking system


The integrated reporting module of WebRoster gives employees and managers the possibility to print reports also incorporating information from 3rd party systems. Reports can be added or modified by the customer as a standard reporting tool is used (Jasper Reports). Reports will be presented as PDF and Excel restricting the need to print them on paper.

  • data can be exported to excel
  • subsequent use of available data without additional data entry
  • custom reports can be integrated
  • documented data model allowing to retrieve the available information from an existing reporting infrastructure or transfer of data relevant to data marts or data warehouses

Five major benefits 

The new WebRoster 6 Features at glance:

WebRoster changes, improves and optimizes processes in the domain of working time model design, rostering and time and activity tracking whilst giving a push to employee involvement in roster creation and scheduling results.

  • massive relief of planner resources
  • increased fairness respecting companywide shift exchange rules and regulations
  • WebRoster adds transparency to the rostering process
  • ameliorated rostering results
  • improve employee satisfaction

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