Five flexible additional modules

Absence Management

Structured absence and day off requests coming in a single channel ease the approval process for employees, managers and planners tremendously. Absence management does not only allow requesting whole day absences and absences on consecutive days but also short absences during a shift. Integrated rule check (e.g. account balances vs. requested absence) allow an immediate feedback to the employee whilst entering his request and avoids rule violating requests need to be processed by the planner.

  • structured absence and day off requests relief the planners effort
  • rule based automatic processing of absence requests
  • logging of all transactions creates transparency and fairness

WebRoster 2 GO

WebRoster will be available as mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android allowing the access to rosters via smartphones and pads. All relevant functionality from the WebRoster modules will be available. Employees and teams working in the field can be seamlessly involved in the planning process.

  • online-access from everywhere
  • cost free application notification instead of SMS to enable timly information push to the employees

Curve Based Rostering/Shift Exchange

Changing shifts based on demand curves opens a complete new field in the domain of short and medium term optimization of published rosters. Shift changes will only be offered if they increase the overall roster quality – the coverage of the demand curve. The respective functions and algorithms are available as extension to the shift exchange module and the blackboard.

  • retention of the complete shift change functionality for the employee
  • permanent optimization of the roster after publication with each and every shift change

Vacation Planning

The seasonal or yearly vacation planning process can be eased considerably if employees can enter their vacation preferences and options in WebRoster. The rule based data entry allows a validation of vacation request already at the time of the data entry. WebRoster provides an automatic vacation planning based on rules and provides respective algorithms. The publication of approved vacation via WebRoster simplifies the communication between the HR department, management and employees.

  • paperless process to retrieve vacation preferences reduce the administrative effort and time spent
  • export of vacation preferences to 3rd party systems possible
  • the actual status of the preference entry is available at any stage
  • logging of all transactions ensures transparency and fairness


The blackboard is a functional extension of the shift exchange module. Exchange requests will be processed asynchronous without being sent to one or several colleagues but pinned to a blackboard. Background services continuously try to find matching requests and offers and propagate found matches (respecting defined rules) to the relevant employees.

  • solution based approach for shift exchange and optimization of personal rosters
  • additional flexibility for the planner based on the possibility to increase or reduce the staffing shift wise as well as time period wise
  • personalized preferences are supported
  • transparent extension of the shift exchange module

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